Biden’s U.S. Attorney RESIGNS after ethics investigation, WH corruption runs rampant

The swamp is as deep as ever! Biden’s pick for U.S. Attorney of Massachusetts, Rachael Rollins, is reportedly resigning after an ethics investigation conducted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general. Finally, the Biden administration is outed for their corrupt and likely illegal behavior. The investigation revealed that Rollins attended a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, which included First Lady Jill Biden. That’s not all, the DOJ also looked into Rollins’ travel history and use of a personal cell phone for business purposes! The fact that this political hack was appointed in the first place tells us everything we need to know about the state of our government.

Rollins was appointed in 2021 and confirmed in 2022, but already it seems she’s had a hand in Biden’s corrupt politics. The DOJ probe found that Rollins took a trip to California that was paid for by an outside group and was being investigated by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel for allegedly violating the Hatch Act — which limits the political activity of federal employees. There’s no telling what other shady dealings Rollins has been involved in, but one thing is certain, she’s just another example of the swamp that the Biden administration has built.

It’s reassuring to know that the DOJ is finally doing their job and investigating these political appointees. It’s time that the corrupt, leftist agenda that has taken over our government is exposed! The fact that Rollins is represented by a former Justice Department Inspector General makes the whole situation even more suspicious. The results of the DOJ investigation have not been released, but it’s clear that Rollins’ resignation is a sign that she was caught red-handed.

Maybe now, the Biden administration will think twice before appointing such blatantly partisan and biased individuals to key positions in our government. Americans deserve better than to have their government run by political hacks who prioritize political agendas over the rule of law. Let’s hope the DOJ continues to investigate those fishy and corrupt appointees that the Biden administration has put forth.

Written by Staff Reports

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