CNN Promotes Far-left ‘Journalist’ to Primetime Slot

CNN continues to show its commitment to progressive politics by promoting liberal journalist Kaitlan Collins to the primetime 9 p.m. slot, vacant since the righteous firing of conservative host Chris Cuomo. CNN Chairman Chris Licht gushes over Collins in an internal memo, calling her “gifted” and “smart” while emphasizing her ability to “challenge conventional wisdom” and “expose uncovered angles” – likely liberal angles that further the socialist agenda.

The choice of Collins further demonstrates that CNN is doubling down on their left-wing agenda, despite ratings that have plummeted by 61% YoY, a dropout of longtime anchor Don Lemon, and recent controversies that have plagued the network. CNN’s embarrassingly low numbers and dismissal of Lemon, after he attacked potential Republican nominee Nikki Haley for being “past her prime,” illustrate how the network prioritizes progressive ideology over vérité.

While Collins’s recent hosting of the widely-viewed Trump town hall was a ratings success, it is important to note that her viewership pales in comparison to the numbers the President draws for his interviews on Fox News. Given its numerous losses, it remains to be seen if Collins can replicate her interview success in the coveted solo primetime position – or if CNN’s dwindling viewers will tune in to their usual liberal propaganda coverage at such a late hour.

CNN’s struggle to maintain viewership among key demographics while moving ahead with extreme leftist coverage highlights the network’s deficiencies – and the potential for a conservative alternative to replace CNN. Americans deserve accurate, balanced news coverage, not left-wing indoctrination masquerading as journalism.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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