WATCH: Trump Drops Deep State BOMBSHELL On Dan Bongino Show

In a recent installment of Dan Bongino’s show, former President Donald Trump revealed key details from the long-awaited Durham Report, which has brought to light the covert actions of the deep state. Trump expressed his firm belief that these orchestrated efforts aimed at undermining his presidency amounted to nothing less than a coup during his honest interview. Having thoroughly examined the report’s findings, the former President asserted, “I dismissed numerous individuals, but the influence of the deep state runs deep.”

Trump stressed the urgent necessity of dismantling the deep state’s sway within various institutions. He specifically pointed out the involvement of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and radical left Democrats in this deceptive scheme. Expressing his frustration with the ongoing charade, Trump expressed his hope that the Attorney General would promptly intervene. He stated, “We are currently witnessing a hoax that must be halted without delay.”

Trump’s apprehensions received confirmation when Senator Hawley passionately articulated his belief in the need for consequences following the revelations in the Durham Report. Hawley advocated for the prosecution of Clinton’s campaign and even Hillary Clinton herself. During the interview, Hawley underscored a troubling correlation between Clinton’s public statements regarding collusion and her campaign’s involvement in providing misleading information to the FBI.

In addition to demanding accountability from Clinton, Hawley also voiced his reservations concerning the FBI, urging a change in leadership and a comprehensive overhaul of the agency. He expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the FBI and the challenges faced by whistleblowers. Three former FBI officials are scheduled to testify on Thursday, shedding light on the retaliatory measures they experienced after expressing their concerns.

In general, the Durham Report exposed notable deficiencies in the Department of Justice and FBI’s commitment to upholding the law, which was unwarranted. The report unveiled the unethical nature of the FBI’s initiation of the Trump-Russia Probe, presenting evidence of deceit against the American public. While the leadership of the FBI has become politicized, it is important to recognize the diligent efforts of the field agents and their unwavering dedication. The time has come to halt the influence of the deep state and provide the American people with the government they rightfully deserve.

Written by Staff Reports

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