Biden’s Wacky Plan: Dim the Sun to Fight Climate Change!

The White House has jumped on board with a wacky idea straight out of a science fiction movie – dimming the sun! That’s right, folks, in a Bill Gates-style plan to combat so-called “climate change,” the Biden administration is throwing its support behind solar radiation modification (SRM). Because who needs sunlight anyway?

It all started when reports earlier this year revealed that Bill Gates himself was in favor of this bizarre geoengineering technology. Of course, when a billionaire leftist like Gates supports something, you just know the radical left is going to follow suit. So, not to be outdone, billionaire mogul George Soros also threw his weight behind these solar geoengineering projects. It’s like a billionaires’ club for outrageous ideas!

Now, the Biden White House is singing the same tune, claiming that SRM offers the possibility of significantly cooling the planet within just a few years. They even admit that the consequences of this plan are “poorly understood.” Well, isn’t that comforting? We’re supposed to trust these people to dim the sun without even knowing what will happen? This is what happens when ideology trumps common sense.

The White House report goes on to say that the interest in SRM is growing as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate. Of course, they conveniently fail to mention that there is still a great deal of debate within the scientific community about the actual impact of these so-called greenhouse gases. But who needs facts when you’re pushing an agenda?

In a statement, the White House tried to downplay their support for this insanity by claiming that there are no immediate plans for a comprehensive research program. Yeah, right. We all know that once the government gets involved, it’s only a matter of time before they start pushing for more funding and more control over our lives. We’ve seen this movie before.

One of the proponents of this sun-dimming madness had the audacity to call the White House report “progress.” Progress towards what? Environmental chaos? The fact that anyone would see this as a positive development is mind-boggling. But hey, at least this report signals that the U.S. government is supportive of outdoor experimentation. Because who needs a safe and controlled environment for scientific research when you can just mess with the planet on a whim?

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about turning the Earth into a giant science experiment. A top Nigerian scientist has spoken out against Bill Gates and George Soros for using Africa as their playground for dangerous climate experiments. He rightly points out that these technologies are risky and could have devastating effects on ecosystems and people’s livelihoods. But I guess the lives and well-being of everyday people are just collateral damage in the radical left’s quest to save the planet.

So, there you have it, folks. The White House has thrown its support behind the crazy idea of dimming the sun to combat climate change. This is what happens when you have Hollywood-style thinking in the highest levels of government. It’s time to prioritize real solutions based on sound science, not sci-fi fantasies. But hey, at least we’ll have dimmer skies while we’re fumbling around in the dark. Thanks, Biden!

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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