Psaki’s Shocking Conspiracy Signals Democrats’ True View on Minorities

Jen Psaki, who used to be the White House's press secretary, has found herself at MSNBC and is the go-to source for Democrats looking for a softball interview. While she doesn't hold back when talking about James Comey and Nancy Pelosi, she also produces cringe-worthy one-liners about how her party views minorities.

Democrats have been struggling with how to deal with the issues of Asian Americans and Muslims. The Supreme Court's decision to stop the use of race and other factors in college admissions hurt Asian Americans, and some individuals called them white supremacists.

The ongoing battle between the left and Muslims has resulted in more controversy. In several school districts, parents have protested against the teaching of gender identity ideology and the sexualization of students. These actions have resulted in physical altercations with counter protestors who are passionate about teaching children about gender transformation.

Jen Psaki has a theory about why the backlash against Democrats is happening. She claims that the problem is not because their policies are morally wrong or flawed, but because the Republicans are using the same tactics used by Richard Nixon to get over white southerners.

During Nixon's term, he successfully divided the Democratic Party's southern white voters by pitting one group against another. According to Psaki, the same tactics are being used by the Republicans against Muslims and trans people. It's a ridiculous claim, and it's not even close to being true.

In her theory, Psaki claims that Muslims aren't against transgenderism due to the ideology's harmful effects, but because they were recruited by Republicans. It's not that they don't follow Islamic tradition or teachings, but rather that they don't need Republicans to tell them that their kids shouldn't be trans.

Democrats will not let this happen. Their political movement is built on the infantilization of minorities. For instance, they believe that Muslims were cool with the idea of cutting off the breasts of young girls until the Republicans said it was wrong. On the other hand, Asians were fine with being treated unfairly until the Republicans decided that racism was bad in academia.

Minority groups are made up of individuals with varying opinions and thoughts. They do not follow political parties and make their own decisions. Democrats are incapable of accepting this reality. Instead, they try to spin wild conspiracies whenever their support isn't popular.

Source: RedState

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