Biden’s Web of Lies: Debt Default Panic & GOP Victory

As a possible default on the country's debt looms, the Biden government has been caught in a web of lies. Tuesday afternoon, when reporters asked questions, Karine Jean-Pierre, who works for the White House, was stressed out. She found herself in a conflict with what the Biden administration had said about the issue before. Jean-Pierre claimed that the president has been talking with Republicans for months. Unfortunately for her and the Biden administration, she contradicts herself on tape from earlier this month and the weeks before that. This week, she bragged about Biden's talks with House Republicans and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), but she contradicts herself on tape from earlier this month and the weeks before that.

Speaker McCarthy tried to talk to the president for over two months about a plan to raise the debt ceiling and deal with America's out-of-control spending. But the president wouldn't come to the table. Jean-Pierre said that the president was the one "trying to engage" with Republicans, but that's not true. Jean-Pierre's exaggerations about "chaos" were all based on her false claims that the House Republicans' plan to raise the debt ceiling would have terrible results, including putting people in danger. Democrats, like President Joe Biden, used to praise the House GOP plan because it was supposed to have terrible and wrongly predicted results.

Jean-Pierre said earlier this month that Biden "has been very clear" that "we will not negotiate over the debt limit." But on Tuesday, Jean-Pierre changed her mind and said that Biden is trying hard to reach an agreement. Jean-Pierre's excuse that the government hadn't been discussing the debt limit was weak, and there were never going to be talks about a default. Speaker McCarthy and President Biden both said from the start that there couldn't be a default. The ceiling, Save, and Grow Act was passed by the House GOP to avoid a default by raising the debt ceiling.

The truth is that McCarthy did much better than Biden expected and caught the White House by surprise. They thought wrongly that McCarthy wouldn't have any power and would have to pass a bill that just raised the debt limit with no strings attached. But McCarthy won. He was able to get the House GOP's plan for paying off debt passed, and Biden had to come to the table. As long as McCarthy stands his ground, the Democrats keep losing, which is why Jean-Pierre is trying to make up a story to try to save face for President Biden. It looks like Biden and his administration are not ready to get the country out of the debt problem that is coming.

Written by Staff Reports

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