Biden’s White House Run by Morning TV? Shocking Reveal

President Joe Biden’s favorite pastime has been revealed, and it’s not exactly a surprise. According to Axios, Biden is a big fan of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. In fact, he’s so obsessed with the show that it influences how he runs things around the White House.

Throughout the day, Biden will ask his staff if they saw different segments and bits that aired on the four-hour show. It’s gotten to the point where some aides have started tuning into the show themselves just to anticipate their boss’s questions. Now, I don’t know about you, but shouldn’t the President be focused on, I don’t know, running the country instead of obsessing over morning talk shows?

But it doesn’t stop there. Biden has even brought on regular guests from “Morning Joe” as consultants. Experienced reporter Mike Barnicle, former diplomat Richard Haass, and historian Jon Meacham have reportedly been called in to offer their expertise. Meacham has even helped the President with multiple speeches. It seems like Biden is outsourcing his decision-making to a morning talk show.

Now, some of Biden’s top officials argue that “Morning Joe” gives the President a more balanced review than other programs. But come on, we all know that MSNBC is far from balanced. It’s no secret that the network leans heavily to the left. It’s concerning that the leader of our country is using biased media as a source of information and advice. Biden should be seeking a variety of perspectives, not just those that align with his own.

In a strange twist, even Scarborough himself has suggested that the White House needs to let Biden out in public more often. Ouch! Scarborough believes that if Biden makes a mistake, well, who cares? Let him make mistakes and face the consequences. It’s almost as if Scarborough is saying, “Hey, Biden, get out there and face the music!”

But it’s not just Biden who’s tuning into politically charged television. Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly watches “The Five” on Fox News. Can you imagine the outrage from the left if former Vice President Mike Pence had publicly admitted to watching a conservative news show? The double standards are incredible.

Harris’s affinity for “The Five” has apparently caused her high anxiety because she doesn’t like the negative coverage she receives from the network. Well, welcome to politics, Vice President Harris. If you can’t handle a little criticism, maybe it’s time to reconsider your chosen career path.

Overall, this revelation about Biden’s obsession with “Morning Joe” is concerning. The President of the United States should be focused on governing, not using a morning talk show as his personal advisory board. It’s time for Biden to rethink his priorities and start making decisions based on what’s best for the American people, not what he heard on TV that morning. But given his track record so far, I won’t hold my breath.

Written by Staff Reports

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