Biden’s Whopper: Never Fact-Checked?! His Pants-On-Fire Record Says Otherwise!

In the latest display of Joe Biden’s knack for bending the truth like a noodle, he told a whopper of a lie during a Univision radio interview. Can you believe he had the audacity to claim that he has never been fact-checked by the press or Univision? What a load of malarkey! The guy lies more than a kid with a hand in the cookie jar. The fact-checkers have been working overtime trying to keep up with his tall tales.

But let’s not act surprised. This is the same man who told a fib about slashing the deficit by $1.7 trillion so many times that even the Washington Post had to give him their elusive “bottomless Pinocchio” award. And let’s not forget the yarn he spun about his son Hunter not raking in cash from China – a lie so big even Hunter had to come clean about it. It’s like watching a magic show, but instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, Biden pulls out fibs.

And while we’re on the topic, Biden also made a bizarre comment about birthright citizenship during the interview. Somebody needs to tap him on the shoulder and remind him that being born in the USA to American citizen parents makes you a citizen, regardless of his ramblings about birthright citizenship. It’s like trying to explain rocket science to a toddler.

But hey, Biden’s gotta do what Biden’s gotta do to pander to his audience, even if it means flinging falsehoods faster than a monkey flings… well, you get the picture. The man is as lost as a sock in a dryer when it comes to understanding what real Americans, including Hispanic Americans, care about. Maybe he needs to take a reality check instead of dodging fact-checks like Neo in “The Matrix.” But hey, at this point, who’s really keeping track of truth and lies in Washington, right?

Written by Staff Reports

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