Big Tech Beware: YODA Act Gives Americans Control Over Their Data!

Texas Republican Representative, Michael Cloud, introduced the “You Own The Data Act,” or the YODA Act, on Thursday. This legislation aims to give users control over their own data by deterring businesses from collecting data without user consent and requiring updates on data collection and its sharing. The bill would also enable individuals to sue companies that violate the regulations set forth in the YODA Act. They can now seek recourse if companies earn an annual gross revenue of $50 million or more if they commit data breaches and incur consequences.

Michael Cloud told the Daily Caller that the government exists to protect life, liberty, and property. As such, Americans need protection from third-party data collection. “Citizens must have technologies that protect privacy and anonymity. Big tech should be held responsible,” he added. (RELATED: Hundreds Of Former Feds Have Flocked To Jobs In Big Tech)

The bill aims to restrict companies from collecting, retaining or transferring information from kids below 18 years of age without consent from a parent or guardian. As a co-sponsor, North Carolina Republican, Dan Bishop, joined Cloud to ensure the bill passes for better corporate accountability.

This bill is a fantastic step towards securing personal data privacy and boosting accountability. It ensures user choice and agency over technology rather than succumbing to exploitation by big tech companies. The act seeks to protect Americans, especially minors, from falling prey to companies’ data harvesting activities. Data breaches pose a significant challenge in recent years, and the legislation aims to ensure that companies that violate data privacy are subject to severe punishment. Furthermore, requiring user consent for data collection would allow people to make more informed decisions about how they use their devices.

Written by Staff Reports

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