Democratic Rep. breaks ranks, calls on Biden to compromise on debt ceiling with GOP

Democratic Rep. Jared Golden of Maine has sparked controversy amongst his party and President Joe Biden by breaking with them on the issue of the debt ceiling. Golden has pointed out that Democrats must reach a compromise with Republicans and their demands for discretionary spending cuts rather than insisting on a clean debt ceiling raise as Biden has suggested. Golden has called on Biden to acknowledge that House Republicans have a legitimate demand for spending cuts and made a significant political mistake by not acting with a debt-ceiling measure before House Republicans passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act which has received uniform support from Congressional Republicans.

“We know that the Republicans won the [2022] election. They have a House majority, which means they have leverage on spending — and they’re going to use it,” said Golden while inviting Democrats to welcome Republicans to the table and find a real solution to the debt ceiling issue.

Golden’s comments have placed Democrats under significant pressure as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned about the U.S. defaulting on its debt as early as June 1st. Yellen, along with the Biden administration, has emphasized that only House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has to compromise on spending cuts while Golden’s comments have shifted the onus to Democrats, who are called upon to participate.

Golden’s views reflect that of several centrist Democrats, including Rep. Mary Pelolta of Alaska and Rep. Marie Glusenkamp Perez of Washington State. Interestingly, Golden’s comments have seen him break from the Biden administration’s hard-line against McCarthy on the debt ceiling. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has also criticized Biden’s failure to negotiate with Republicans when it comes to the debt ceiling debate.

It remains to be seen if Biden will be willing to accept some of the spending cuts Republicans have demanded, including eliminating tax incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden-Harris student debt relief proposal, and the imposition of work requirements on welfare benefits. Golden, the White House, Jeffries, McCarthy, and Schumer are yet to comment on the issue.

In conclusion, Golden’s comments reflect the need for compromise and a shift from the Democrats’ hard-line stance on the debt ceiling issue. The Democrats must acknowledge that they have to work with Republicans to find a lasting solution to this problem, and Golden’s views represent a moderate approach to the Democrats’ strategies.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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