Bill Maher and Andrew Cuomo Slam Far Left Over Trump, Biden Admin Policies

Bill Maher continues to be the Left’s reluctant voice of reason, a title that’s ironically turning him into quite the conservative hero. The comedian and HBO host has taken it upon himself to rip into the absurdity that’s taken over the far left, leaving a trail of ruffled feathers in his wake. When Fox News does it, it’s predictable. But when Maher, a card-carrying liberal, fires shots within the liberal ship, it’s nothing short of entertainment gold.

Maher has been vocally defending some of the most sensible policies of conservatives, from praising Ron DeSantis’ COVID response to expressing outrage over the Left’s bizarre obsession with involving children in drag shows and pushing for underage surgeries. He’s doing the job mainstream liberals won’t do—standing up for common sense. And watching liberals squirm at Maher’s newfound reasonableness has been nothing short of satisfying.

One of his latest acts of rebellion against the progressive orthodoxy came as a surprising turn on the much-publicized Trump hush money trial. Once animated about the alleged crimes, Maher suddenly admitted that the charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg were an overreach of epic proportions. He’s now echoing sentiments that this trial was nothing but a politically motivated stunt, which has only served to energize Trump’s supporters and propel his candidacy.

Even former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo joined the chorus, pointing out that this case would never have seen the light of day if the defendant’s name wasn’t Donald Trump. Cuomo highlighted the political bias embedded in the justice system, especially when used as a tool against high-profile conservative figures. It’s amusing to see someone like Cuomo, who has been under his own share of criticism for his COVID policies, taking the stage to lambast the Left’s misuse of power.

Cuomo didn’t stop there. In a more extended clip, he went on to torch the Biden administration for turning the justice system into a political weapon. This critique gets him into hot water with his former allies but earns him points for honesty from conservatives. While Cuomo’s pandemic policies were a debacle, seeing him go after the politicization of the judiciary is a popcorn-worthy spectacle.

Watching liberals like Maher and Cuomo unravel the ridiculous nature of their party’s antics provides a hearty laugh and a dose of vindication for conservatives. It’s almost poetic that the Left’s fury at Trump has driven some of their own to speak out against the madness, proving that even within their ranks, there’s a breaking point for common sense.

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