Cuomo Criticizes Biden’s Policies and Legal Attacks on Trump on Bill Maher

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made quite the splash on “Real Time with Bill Maher” as he didn’t hold back in his criticism – not of former President Donald Trump, but of President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Cuomo didn’t shy away from slamming Biden’s immigration policy, pointing out the chaos that ensued from opening the borders without a solid plan in place. And let’s be real, we all saw the outcomes of that mess – with illegal immigrants being shuffled around and sanctuary cities quickly realizing they bit off more than they could chew.

But Cuomo didn’t stop there. He took a swing at Biden’s campaign performance, questioning his age and viability as a candidate. And when it came to the legal battles against Trump, Cuomo, a former AG in New York, didn’t mince his words. He flat out said that the case brought against Trump in New York wouldn’t have seen the light of day if Trump’s name wasn’t on it. Cuomo highlighted the political nature of these attacks and the erosion of belief in a fair justice system.

Cuomo’s bold statements may have surprised some, but for conservatives, it’s a refreshing dose of reality from a Democrat. He’s calling out the failures of the Biden administration and the partisan nature of legal battles against Trump. Perhaps Cuomo is positioning himself as a voice of reason in a party that seems to have lost its way. It’s a reminder that even within the opposition party, there are those who can see through the smoke and mirrors of political games.

Written by Staff Reports

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