Black Lives Matter Backs Palestinians Amid Deadly Hamas Attack on Israel

Black Lives Matter chapters in the United States are showing support for Palestinians in the aftermath of the terror attack by Hamas against Israel. Social media posts from these chapters express anti-Israel sentiments and promote solidarity with Gaza. BLM Grassroots, which represents multiple BLM chapters and broke ties with the national Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in 2022 due to financial and legal issues, tweeted about the resistance in Palestine and called for the dismantling of the “apartheid system.” BLM Chicago shared an image on social media that seemed to depict a Hamas terrorist with the caption, “I stand with Palestine.”

This support for Palestinians has sparked controversy in the United States, with pro-Israel lawmakers and groups condemning those who appear sympathetic to Hamas. The Biden administration even criticized Democrats who were seen as supporting Palestinians, calling their comments “wrong,” “repugnant,” and “disgraceful.” BLM Indianapolis and BLM Detroit reposted images expressing solidarity with Palestine, while BLM Philadelphia deleted a repost of pro-Palestinian protesters.

Conservative advocacy group Restoration of America criticized the corporations that donated to BLM, questioning whether they approve of this sentiment. BLM Louisville also expressed support for the Palestinian people, calling for the dismantling of imperialism. BLM chapters in Los Angeles and across the United States have faced backlash from Republicans, with Rep. Dan Crenshaw and former congressman Lee Zeldin condemning them for supporting Hamas.

The conflict between Israel and Gaza has resulted in the deaths of over 1,900 people, including at least 14 Americans. President Joe Biden stated that Hamas is holding U.S. citizens hostage. BLM chapters did not provide any comment on the matter.

Written by Staff Reports

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