Blinken Bows to Beijing: Taiwan Independence Crushed!

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and not a lot of good has come out of it for Taiwan. Blinken declared, in no uncertain terms, that the United States does not support Taiwan independence, which means that Beijing will see this move as the U.S. stands idly by should China decide to invade the island nation. Unbelievable! It is just another example of President Biden and his administration wanting to cower and give in to the bullies in China. It stands in stark contrast to Biden’s promise from just months ago, when he made it clear that the U.S. would defend Taiwan if they were subject to an “unprecedented attack” by China.

The comments by Blinken came soon after he had what he described as a “robust” conversation with Xi Jinping. And while the two superpowers spoke about human rights abuses in Hong Kong, China’s aggressive military presence in the South China Sea, and Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine, it looks as if China is once again asserting its dominance over the U.S. by Blinken not being able to secure military-to-military contact during the meeting.

Given that it is well known that Taiwan is seen by Jinping as historically belonging to China, the U.S.’ lack of courage sends a bad message to Beijing while leaving Taiwan vulnerable. It is only recently that several defense agreements have been reached between the US, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines that have helped to deter China from taking military action. If it weren’t for these agreements, who knows whether China would be planning to take Taiwan by force. And while Taiwan has always been self-governing, it does not mean that the country does not require the support and toughness of the U.S. to keep it independent.

To make matters worse, President Biden and his team have a record of bending over backward for Jinping. The fact that Biden ordered the shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon that infiltrated U.S. airspace, yet was willing to apologize for being so aggressive towards the Chinese regime, sends a bad message. It is clear that the Biden administration wants to put former President Trump in the firing line over the presence of a Chinese military base in Cuba that had been there for two years, rather than take responsibility for their own lack of action.

It remains to be seen what this latest move could mean for Taiwan, but one thing is for sure; Biden’s presidency has been a disaster for foreign relations with China.

Written by Staff Reports

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