Fox Producer Fired for Exposing Biden’s Dictator Dreams

A former Fox News producer, Alex McCaskill, has been fired after Fox aired a Chyron that labeled President Biden as a “wannabe dictator.” The enraged leftists and mainstream media personalities were quick to take offense at the Chyron. The incident occurred after former President Donald Trump was arraigned on federal charges brought forward by the Biden Department of Justice, and Fox News briefly aired the controversial Chyron. However, Fox News quickly apologized and distanced themselves from their brazenness.

This incident has drawn criticism from various quarters, but conservative pundit and former primetime host Tucker Carlson has spoken up for the fired producer, McCaskill. In the latest installment of Tucker On Twitter, he questioned the hypocrisy of the left-wing media and their meek acceptance of the current administration’s dictatorial tendencies. Tucker got candid and jovial and joked about recent events, opining that just because Biden has imprisoned his political rival for life because of a crime Biden himself committed doesn’t make him a wannabe dictator.

He went on to discuss the Biden administration’s characteristics and actions that smacked of a dictatorial opression, such as illegal surveillance of millions of citizens, the persecution of January 6 protesters, and reports that the IRS is stockpiling weapons and ammunition. He implied that the Chyron was accurate and deserved no criticism.

To conclude, it’s not surprising that the Fox News producer lost his job because of leftist outrage and censorship that’s sweeping the country, turning America into some sort of totalitarian state. Conservative voices are being silenced by the mainstream media and their allies in Washington, D.C.

Written by Staff Reports

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