Dodgers’ Disastrous PR Stunt: Baseball Meets Religions in Offending Collision!

On Friday night, the Dodgers organization had a single responsibility, and they failed to fulfill it: They injected politics into baseball, creating a chaotic situation. The evening commenced with thousands of protesters in the parking lot, chanting slogans like "Save our children" and "Respect my religion," setting the tone for a game marred by questionable choices that epitomized the night's troubles. Adding to the controversy, the Dodgers decided to honor a group of performers called the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence," a move that managed to offend both the religious community and Dodgers fans.

While some progressive sports writers are framing this issue as an attack on the gay community, it is actually the religious groups who feel targeted by the re-invitation of this offensive group. The blame does not solely fall on the Dodgers; Major League Baseball as a whole has been mired in controversies during Pride Month.

Within just a few days of June, the decision to silently remove a "pride" version of the MLB logo from social media was met with widespread ridicule. Moreover, there have been disputes involving players who have been vocal about the unclear objectives of the MLB's pride initiatives. For instance, the Boston Red Sox designated pitcher Matt Dermody for assignment due to what they deemed a "homophobic tweet," and when they became aware of it during Pride Month, they mandated him to attend anti-discrimination training. However, the Anthony Bass incident in Toronto was even more problematic, as the Blue Jays released a player who had previously apologized for a post the team considered hateful toward the gay community, despite his later assertion that he did not believe the post was inherently hateful.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, along with various figures such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio, could not tolerate the offensive group endorsed by the Dodgers and voiced their disapproval. Unfortunately, modern sports writing has evolved into a predominantly liberal "news" profession where sports journalists uphold an unapologetically liberal ideology. Consequently, the media plays a role in shaping reality, resulting in sports becoming a liberal-leaning industry. The Dodgers did one thing right by not penalizing players who spoke out against an event that marginalizes a significant community and fosters hatred toward Christians and people of faith. The question now remains whether the MLB will wake up to the situation before it leads to their own downfall.

Written by Staff Reports

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