Blinken Shows Unwavering Support for Israel Before Jetting to Mideast!

The Israel/Hamas conflict has been heating up, and President Biden has been relatively quiet about the situation. While he’s off having a BBQ at the White House, other administration officials like National Security Council spokesman John Kirby and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have been keeping the press informed. Blinken has even flown to Israel to show support for our ally in the region.

Before heading off, Blinken gave a brief statement on the tarmac, emphasizing that the United States stands with Israel. He mentioned the horrific acts committed by Hamas and reaffirmed our commitment to fighting against terrorism. Blinken also outlined the goals of his trip, which include meeting with Israeli officials and ensuring they have the necessary resources to defend themselves.

Blinken also addressed the issue of American citizens affected by the conflict. He acknowledged that we have lost 22 Americans already, with more still unaccounted for. The US is working closely with Israel to locate and secure the release of any hostages taken by Hamas.

In the press conference that followed, Blinken touched on the importance of securing safe passage for civilians through Gaza into Egypt. He assured that discussions were ongoing with Israel and Egypt and that both countries were committed to minimizing harm to civilians while also defending themselves.

When asked about possible US encouragement for Israel to exercise restraint, Blinken reminded everyone of the stark difference between Israel and terrorist groups like Hamas. He highlighted Israel’s commitment to respecting international law and avoiding civilian casualties, while Hamas uses innocent people as shields.

Overall, Blinken’s trip reinforces the US commitment to Israel’s security and sends a strong message to those who might think about further aggression. It’s important that we stand by our allies and support them in these difficult times.

It’s refreshing to see Secretary Blinken standing up for Israel. It’s clear that he understands the threat posed by Hamas and the importance of defending our ally. The Biden administration may be slow to take action, but at least they’re sending someone to show support. Let’s hope this trip leads to stronger ties between the US and Israel and demonstrates that we won’t tolerate aggression against our friends.

Written by Staff Reports

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