Blue State Dems Blast Biden’s Immigration Crisis! NY on Verge of Revolt?

Oh boy, looks like the Biden administration is really dropping the ball on the immigration crisis! And you know it’s bad when even prominent Democrats in the bluest of blue states are starting to speak out. Former New York Governor David Paterson, a Democrat himself, is warning that if the federal government doesn’t get its act together, we might see a full-blown revolt by U.S. cities. That’s right, folks, the blue states are starting to turn on their own!

Paterson is not holding back in his criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis. He’s saying that the feds either don’t have the willingness or the ability to address the problem. And he’s especially ticked off about the decision to relocate migrants to various cities without providing enough financial support. I mean, come on, Biden, you can’t just dump a bunch of people on cities and expect them to foot the bill!

But here’s the kicker, folks. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, also a Democrat, is joining in on the criticism. He’s calling the federal government’s refusal to grant work rights to migrants in the city “anti-American.” And you know what? He’s absolutely right! What is more anti-American than denying someone the right to work? Don’t we believe in the American dream anymore? I guess not, according to the Biden administration.

Adams is calling on the city to continue welcoming asylum seekers and embody a “God-like spirit.” I’m not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds pretty inclusive, doesn’t it? He’s saying that immigrants should stick together and not turn on each other. And you know what? I agree! But let’s not forget that this whole mess was created by the Biden administration’s lack of a plan. They just transferred migrants all over the place without any strategy. Talk about a lack of foresight!

And the financial implications of this crisis are no joke. Mayor Adams is saying that it could cost New York City a whopping $12 billion over three years. That’s a whole lot of taxpayer money, folks. And guess what? It’s only going to get worse. The number of migrants seeking shelter in the city is expected to reach 100,000 by 2024. That’s a whole lot of people to take care of, and the feds are leaving the city to foot the bill.

So there you have it, folks. The Biden administration’s mishandling of the immigration crisis is causing even prominent Democrats to speak out. It’s clear that they lack the willingness and ability to solve this problem. And the financial burden on cities like New York is just too much to bear. It’s time for the Biden administration to step up and take responsibility. But until then, it looks like the blue states are turning red with anger.

Written by Staff Reports

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