Bold Move: Trans Activists Demand University Returns Tampons to Men’s Bathrooms!

Well, well, well, it seems like the madness knows no bounds at good old Clemson University. In their latest attempt to cater to the wishes of the extreme left, the university had the audacity to stock their men’s restrooms with tampons. Yes, you read that correctly. Tampons. Because apparently, men need tampons now.

But fear not, fellow conservatives, there are still some rational voices left in this world. State lawmaker April Cromer, a Republican with some common sense, saw this insanity and demanded that these tampon dispensers be removed. And guess what? She succeeded! The university listened to reason and took those unnecessary tampons out of the men’s restrooms.

But of course, the liberal snowflakes couldn’t just let it go. Trans activists at Clemson decided to throw a little tantrum and organized a march to demand the reinstatement of the tampons. They claim that taking away these unnecessary items from men’s restrooms makes them feel “unwelcomed.” Well, cry me a river.

And it gets even better. These activists have issued a list of demands, including revisions to the student code of conduct to protect their fragile feelings, a formal statement condemning “hateful, transphobic language,” and even repercussions for the Clemson College Republicans for having the audacity to express their conservative views.

Look, we all want everyone to feel safe and comfortable on campus, but let’s be real here. Men do not need tampons. It’s biology, plain and simple. Time to put an end to this ridiculousness and focus on more important issues. Maybe the activists should march for something that actually matters. Just a thought.

Written by Staff Reports

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