Biden Funds Terror: $100M to Hamas-Controlled Gaza? DeSantis Slams Move

Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not holding back his criticism of President Joe Biden’s latest move. In a shocking twist, Biden has decided to send a whopping $100 million in humanitarian aid to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, despite the fact that this Islamic terrorist organization continues to hold Americans and Israelis hostage. It seems like common sense would dictate that we should not be providing aid to those who actively engage in acts of terror, but leave it to Biden to defy logic.

During his trip to Israel on Wednesday, Biden made the infuriating announcement, further cementing his reputation as a feeble leader who consistently makes questionable decisions. The White House shamelessly stated that the funding will be used to assist over a million displaced and conflict-affected people with clean water, food, hygiene support, medical care, and other essential needs. But let’s not be fooled by the flowery language – this aid money will undoubtedly end up in the hands of terrorists.

Hamas has a long and despicable history of stealing aid and using it as leverage to advance their evil agendas. They have no qualms about using supplies meant for innocent civilians to further their twisted cause. Just take a look at their audacity during their slaughter of thousands of innocent Israeli citizens on October 7. They shamelessly used first aid kits provided by the United Nations to aid in their heinous acts.

It’s truly mind-boggling that Biden, a supposed leader of our nation, would choose to support an organization with such a blatant disregard for human life. This decision not only poses a threat to the safety of Americans and Israelis, but it also sends a message that we are willing to turn a blind eye to terrorism in favor of appearing compassionate. This is a dangerous precedent to set, as it will only embolden other terrorist organizations around the world.

It’s high time that we had a president who puts the safety and interests of the American people first. DeSantis is right to blast Biden’s decision and advocate for a more sensible approach to foreign aid. It’s clear that Biden’s misguided policies are not only jeopardizing our national security but also damaging our reputation on the global stage. As conservatives, we must stand united against these reckless actions and demand accountability from our leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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