Exposed: DHS Agent’s Shocking Pro-Terrorist Rant Spree Ignites Security Crisis

Last week’s horrifying ‘Kill all the Jews’ rallies that swept across America in the wake of Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel reminded us of an alarming truth: there is a disturbing presence of Jihadi scum within our country. These individuals lurk in our schools, hospitals, and even our national security network. Take the case of Nejwa Ali, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agent who also happened to be a former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

This woman, whose role involved vetting asylum claims, completely lost her sanity when the October 7 attacks occurred, rejoicing over the deaths of innocent Israelis. It is truly shocking that someone with such a biased, anti-Israel stance was given the responsibility of determining who has the right to enter our country as immigrants or asylum seekers.

Ali had previously worked as a public affairs officer for the Palestinian Delegation to the U.S., a role that clearly demonstrated her loyalty to the Palestinians rather than the United States. In fact, her social media profiles under the name “Falastine Mi Amor” are filled with extremist rhetoric against Israel and Jews who support Israel.

It is deeply concerning that DHS failed to properly vet Ali before hiring her. How could they entrust the safety and security of our nation to someone whose primary allegiance lies elsewhere? Her continuous posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter expressing her extremist views reached new heights of intensity after the October 7 attacks, in which over 1,000 Jews were murdered. It is unacceptable that she celebrated these horrifying acts of terrorism and called for the downfall of Israel and its military.

While it is a relief to know that Ali has been placed on administrative leave, it is simply not enough. She needs to be fired immediately. Placing her on leave isn’t a sufficient response to the seriousness of her actions. We must demand accountability from the DHS for allowing someone like Ali to infiltrate the agency. Congress needs to hold hearings to understand how this grave error occurred and what laws Ali may have broken by advocating for terrorism while holding a government position.

This case raises serious concerns about the hiring practices of our government agencies. Why are we allowing individuals from terrorist hotbeds to work at DHS? The safety and well-being of American citizens should be our top priority, and hiring individuals with extremist views only jeopardizes our security. It’s time to reevaluate our screening processes and put a stop to the infiltration of our institutions by those who pose a threat to our way of life.

Written by Staff Reports

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