Bombshell Report Shows Biden WH Pressured Facebook To Censor Tucker Carlson

Documents released by the White House show that the administration asked Facebook to remove Tucker Carlson from its platform.

The reason given by the officials was that Carlson said "vaccines don't work." This is similar to the other scandalous revelations that have been made from the leaked Twitter files. The government has once again urged a tech company to suppress opinions that it doesn't agree with.

The documents show that the White House asked Facebook to remove Tucker Carlson from its platform. The employee, who was identified as an unidentified individual, responded by sharing a series of emails between the White House and the company.

From the Daily Caller:

"In an April 14, 2021 email, Rob Flaherty, the White House's digital strategy director, noted that the top news story about vaccines was about Carlson and his claim that they don't work. He also referred to Tomi Lehren's statement that she wouldn't take one.

According to Flaherty, if the term reduction means "pumping our most vaccine-averse audience with the news that Tucker Carlson says that vaccines don't work," then I'm not sure that it's real."

Flaherty was then reportedly told by an employee of Facebook that they were currently running it down.

The exchange between the two organizations is nothing new, especially after the details about the government's ties with tech companies were revealed through the Twitter Files."

The White House is actively pushing for the censorship of political opponents. In doing so, they are undermining various of its goals, such as fighting misinformation and holding tech companies accountable.

Elon Musk revealed in the Twitter Files that there are many corruption cases within his newly acquired company.

In the Twitter Files, Matt Taibbi revealed how the platform went to the extent of censoring the story about Hunter Biden's laptop.

According to Taibbi, "Twitter disabled the story by removing its links and posting warnings about it. They also blocked its transmission using direct message, which is a tool typically reserved for extreme cases."

The Twitter files also revealed that some of the company's top managers, including Yoel Roth and Vijaya Gadde, took over from Jack Dorsey in order to establish a Democrat-led censorship policy.

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, he forced Roth out and fired Gadde. This move not only made Tucker Carlson a household name, but it also highlighted the company's commitment to transparency.

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