This Must Be Biden’s DUMBEST Comparison Yet

In his speech about the southern border, US President Joe Biden made questionable statements. He referred to immigrants who were fleeing Nazi Germany as "Jews."

During his speech, Biden referred to the situation at the southern border as the Holocaust. He was asked if he thought immigration should be considered a human right.

Biden stated that if a person's family members are being persecuted, then immigration should be considered a human right. He said that allowing Jews in Nazi Germany to escape was a human right.

This Sunday will be Biden's first trip to the southern border as he has been in office. During this time, there has been an increase in the number of border interactions. On Thursday, the president announced that the government would extend a program that allows border agents to turn people away who are from certain countries.

During his speech, Biden stated that people who are trying to reach the US from countries such as Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua should not show up at the border. Instead, they should stay where they are and apply legally.

The increasing number of asylum requests that have been submitted by migrants at the border has highlighted the need for additional resources to process them.

In response to a question, Biden said that there are not many countries that people would rather be in than the US. He noted that sometimes, the agents of the US government look at him and think that he's crazy.

Kamala Harris, the vice president, was tasked with finding out why so many people are making the dangerous journey to the border.

Biden, who was referred to as the "immigration czar," last visited the southern border in 2021. He noted that the government's priority is to increase the funding for the area.

The president noted that the Title 42 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which allows border officials to turn people away, is set to expire soon. During his speech, the Democrat said that officials would be required by law to uphold Title 9. This section of the law states that illegal aliens are not allowed to enter the country.

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