Border Betrayal: Patrol Slices Open Texas Fence for Illegal Invasion!

Thanks to the Biden administration, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers had to do some arts and crafts on the border barrier in Eagle Pass, Texas. They actually had to cut some holes in the barbed wire fence to let a bunch of migrants through. Can you believe it? As if we don’t have enough problems at the border already!

According to Fox News, a group of about 60 to 70 migrants was hanging around near the barrier. But then, out of nowhere, the number skyrocketed to around 300 people who were just itching to come into the United States. It was like a flash mob, except instead of dancing in sync, they were trying to break our immigration laws.
In the midst of all this chaos, there were some women and children who found themselves stuck in the middle of the river. Luckily, it seems like the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers came to the rescue. They used airboats to pull these folks out of harm’s way. But seriously, it shouldn’t have come to that in the first place if we had a secure border.

This incident in Eagle Pass is just one of many examples showing how much of a mess the Biden administration has made at the U.S.-Mexico border. Over the past few weeks, thousands of migrants have been trying to enter the U.S. at this particular spot. And get this: over the weekend, a mind-boggling 11,000 people managed to cross into the U.S. in just one day. It’s like the floodgates have been opened, and Biden is just standing there with his hands in his pockets.

In an interview with CNN, Mayor Rolando Salinas, a Democrat, straight-up blamed Biden and his administration for this surge of illegal aliens. He said that his town of Eagle Pass had been “abandoned” by the federal government. And you know what? He’s right. Biden and his team haven’t done anything to address this crisis. They haven’t reached out to the mayor or his staff or offered any kind of help. It’s like they just don’t care.
Salinas also made an important point about fairness. He said that illegal immigration is not fair to those who come to the country legally. And he’s absolutely right.

People who follow the rules and go through the proper channels to come here are being disrespected and ignored. And for what? So that thousands of people can just waltz in without any consequences? That’s not fair, and it’s not right.
Under Biden’s watch, the U.S.-Mexico border has become a complete disaster. There have been so many people crossing the border that our detention facilities are overflowing, and our immigration resources are stretched thin. In August alone, there were over 230,000 encounters with migrants at the border. That’s the highest number so far this year. Biden needs to step up and take control of this situation before it gets even worse.

Written by Staff Reports

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