Biden Shivers as Grim Poll Numbers Smack Reelection Hopes!

In a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, President Joe Biden’s reelection bid is off to a rocky start. While some may argue that the poll is an “outlier,” it still raises concerns for the incumbent president. Even other polls, like the one from RealClearPolitics, show that a hypothetical rematch between Biden and former President Donald Trump would be a close race, with Trump even taking the lead. It seems that Democrats are starting to worry about the lack of enthusiasm from voters, as discussed by Democratic senators Dick Durbin, Joe Manchin, and Chris Coons. Coons, who also serves as Biden’s reelection campaign co-chair, expressed concern about the head-to-head polls, which are “more concerning than I would expect.” Although he tried to stay optimistic, it is worth noting that his concern did slip through. Other Democrats, like White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, have tried to spin the positive aspects of the Biden administration’s record and campaign. However, the polls show that Americans are not pleased with Biden’s record, and they have concerns about his age and mental capabilities. Jean-Pierre was confronted with a particularly bad poll during a press briefing and tried to dismiss it. She claimed that polls don’t tell the whole story and that their focus is on delivering for the American people. However, with only 37 percent of voters approving of the economy under Biden’s leadership, it is clear that the administration’s economic performance is a concern for voters. Despite the polls, Coons and other Democrats should not be too worried just yet. It is still early in the race, and things can change. Trump, on the other hand, should not get too confident either, as there is still a long way to go until the general election. According to the current polls, Trump leads Biden in a hypothetical rematch by a narrow margin.

Written by Staff Reports

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