Trump Slams Pennsylvania’s Auto Voter Registration! Democracy Under Threat?

In a scathing post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump criticized the implementation of automatic voter registration in Pennsylvania, taking aim at Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro. Trump referred to Shapiro as the “Radical Left Governor” and labeled the new law as a “disaster for the Election of Republicans, including your favorite President, ME!” Trump argued that the law is unconstitutional and called for strong action from Republican leaders in Washington and Pennsylvania.

As he often does, Trump linked this issue to his other grievances, urging Republicans to prioritize repealing the law over what he deemed as “meaningless” Republican debates. He didn’t miss the opportunity to take jabs at his political rivals, including Nikki Haley, who he nicknamed “Birdbrain” in this particular post. Trump emphasized the importance of taking legal action to combat automatic voter registration and warned that the measure would be detrimental to the nation.

Governor Shapiro didn’t hold back in responding to Trump’s criticism, labeling him as “dangerous” for spreading lies about elections. Shapiro’s spokesman emphasized that the new law is a common-sense and nonpartisan step towards enhancing election security.

Written by Staff Reports

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