Border Chaos Soars as Biden Dodges Blame, Texas Fights Back

In 2023, the United States experienced a significant surge in illegal migrant crossings, as President Joe Biden’s lenient border policies continued to attract undocumented individuals seeking to take advantage of the administration’s weak stance on immigration enforcement. During an MSNBC interview, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas attempted to place blame for the unprecedented influx on “climate change,” rather than acknowledging the direct consequences of President Biden’s open border approach and failure to prioritize securing the nation’s borders.

Mayorkas took a jab at Texas Governor Greg Abbott, accusing him of “remarkable failure of governance” for not working with other local and state officials to address the ongoing border crisis. Governor Abbott, in response, dismissed Mayorkas’ comments as “pathetic,” attributing the record-breaking levels of illegal immigration to Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. The governor has taken matters into his own hands by transporting over 95,000 illegal migrants to so-called “sanctuary cities” like New York City and Chicago, emphasizing that these cities have only experienced a small fraction of the overwhelming challenges faced by Texas border towns on a daily basis.

Highlighting the severity of the situation, Texas Del Rio Sector agents apprehended over 22,000 illegal migrants in the week leading up to Christmas, with just a mere 2,000 of them processed for immediate removal. Undeterred by the Biden administration’s lax approach, Abbott has vowed to continue transporting illegal aliens to sanctuary cities until the president rethinks his open border policies.

As attention turns to the border crisis, a source within Customs and Border Protection revealed that the Biden administration had attempted to clean up the southern border, selectively emptying the facility in Eagle Pass, Texas through the daily release of approximately 1,500 migrants into the small border community. This manipulative move coincides with a planned congressional visit to the area, involving 60 legislators and Mexican authorities allegedly ensuring that the border landscape present as little cause for concern as possible during the visit.

With the situation at the border escalating, it’s clear that the ongoing crisis is the direct result of President Biden’s failure to address the nation’s immigration policies effectively. As the battle over immigration enforcement intensifies, it’s evident that the administration’s misguided approach to border security is placing a significant strain on both federal resources and local communities.

Written by Staff Reports

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