Border Chaos Spurs Security Risks in Michigan Under Biden Policy

The Southern border is practically a sieve under the current administration, and the latest casualty is the safety and security of Michigan citizens, according to a long-serving Border Patrol chief. Chris Clem, who recently hung up his hat after 27 years of safeguarding America’s borders, is on the road waving the red flag as part of the “Secure Borders, Secure America” tour orchestrated by Americans for Prosperity. Clem’s resume includes service under five presidents and promotion to Yuma Sector chief just before the chaotic policies of the Biden administration took hold.

Chris Clem’s observations are hard to argue with, especially when he lays out startling figures that are as clear as day. Biden managed to flip a secure border arrangement faster than a pancake on a hot griddle, watching arrest numbers skyrocket from 400,000 to a staggering 2.2 million. Clem’s message is simple: such explosive numbers point to a catastrophic policy direction or lack thereof.

The administration isn’t stopping there. Biden took it upon himself to announce an immigration amnesty program that’s essentially a golden ticket for those who manage to sneak in. The plan broadens DACA protections and fast-tracks citizenship for those who have been unlawfully in the country but are married to U.S. citizens for over a decade. While Biden’s gesture might tug at the heartstrings, Clem warns that it’s a political game masquerading as national security policy and is bound to send the wrong signal to migrants everywhere.

Michigan isn’t off the hook. The state, cuddling along the northern border and riddled with human trafficking pitfalls, is ripe for exploitation. Clem stresses the dual-edged sword of having a large immigrant population—yes, it’s great, but it also becomes a magnet for illegal entries. Don’t be fooled by the reported 1.5 million attempts to cross the border illegally; it’s the ones who succeed and vanish that really keep authorities up at night.

So what’s the real scare here? Well, the country isn’t just dealing with nameless faces streaming across; it’s also grappling with potential terrorists slipping through the cracks. Clem draws attention to the over 300 individuals on the Terrorist Screening Database caught in the last few years. Just recently, eight Tajikistani nationals with ISIS-K ties entered illegally and were released. No one’s pulling conspiracy theories out of thin air here; the statistical reality is as cold as a Michigan January.

The blueprint for sanity? Clem proposes quadrupling down on border security with walls, forts, and tech. He suggests an immigration system that lures in the “best and brightest,” clear-cut rules for legal entry, and a Department of Homeland Security that values transparency over smoke and mirrors. If Americans aren’t informed about who’s coming and why, they’re being kept in the dark. And in today’s world, that’s a security risk no one should be willing to accept.

Written by Staff Reports

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