Border Chief Retires: Ortiz Legacy of Chaos or Courage?

The United States Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz has announced his retirement at the end of June after a successful 32-year long career in agency charged with protecting the borders of the country. Ortiz made this announcement in an internal message to his colleagues saying that he is happy to leave the lead to a strong and professional team that will continue to advocate tirelessly for the country. Throughout the years of his service, Ortiz’s level of commitment to the mission and the nation has been unyielding.

The tenure of Ortiz was characterized by consistently high numbers of illegal immigrants entering the United States which worsened after the replacement of former Chief Rodney Scott, who refused to participate in Biden’s open border policies. Ortiz’s decision to be popular with the rank and file dwindled after horseback agents were wrongly accused of whipping illegal immigrants, and Ortiz did not publicly show support for the agents.

Earlier this year, Ortiz stated during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing in Pharr, Texas, that his agency did not have operational control in different sectors along the U.S.-Mexico border, which contradicted Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Ortiz was right because operational control of the borders to meet requirements is not realistically possible, as no other congress sec has met its requirements.

Ortiz’s decision to retire has been met with mixed feelings among rank-and-file workers. Many wondered if he was forced to retire since he recently came out voicing what was happening at the borders. Others have stated that he was the worst Chief of Border Patrol security as he covered for Mayorkas and Biden. Now, the world waits to see who will take the mantle after him.

Written by Staff Reports

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