Border-Evasion Congressman Outplayed: Reporter Calls Out ‘Fake Phone’ Scam

In a bold attempt to confront Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona about the ongoing border crisis, a reporter found himself witnessing an unexpected move from the congressman. As the reporter, Ben Bergquam, host of “Law & Border” on Real America’s Voice News, approached Gallego in Washington, the congressman swiftly whipped out his phone and pretended to take a call. Bergquam wasted no time in calling out the congressman’s charade, stating, “Nice fake phone.”

Undeterred by Gallego’s attempt to evade questioning, Bergquam persistently asked whether the congressman was being bribed by cartels or if he was simply betraying America for free. However, Gallego ignored the reporter’s inquiries and attempted to walk away. Showing no signs of backing down, Bergquam continued his line of questioning, asking Gallego how much the cartels were paying him and how many terrorists he thought it was okay to let through the southern border.

Throughout the encounter, Bergquam couldn’t help but mock Gallego’s “fake phone call,” jokingly commending him on his acting skills. As the congressman remained silent and distant, the reporter raised important issues regarding the border crisis, referring to a recent report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection that revealed a record high of 269,735 border encounters in September.

Bergquam also took the opportunity to ask Gallego about his thoughts on GOP candidate Kari Lake, questioning how afraid the congressman was of her. Gallego, who is running for the Senate seat held by independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, previously had an exchange with Lake on a plane, during which she called him out for the nation’s border and fentanyl crisis. Despite Lake’s criticism, recent polls have shown Gallego leading both Lake and Sinema in a hypothetical three-way race.

Written by Staff Reports

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