Border Lanes Tighten as DHS Battles Illegal Immigrant Wave


In a move that’s sure to set the left’s hair on fire, Homeland Security announced plans to slim down or even outright close some lanes of traffic at border crossings in Arizona and Texas. Why, you ask? Well, it’s to handle the renewed surge of illegal immigrants flooding into the country. And who’s to blame for this mess? According to Customs and Border Protection, it’s those dastardly “smugglers peddling disinformation” who are luring people across the border.

Now, prepare yourself for this bombshell: Lukeville, Arizona and International Bridge 1 in Eagle Pass, Texas are the unlucky spots where all the action is going down. CBP is planning to throttle down vehicle processing at Lukeville and completely halt all processing at International Bridge 1. They say they need to shift officers from these ports to help Border Patrol agents who are just barely keeping their heads above water out in the miles in between the crossings. Picture this: Border Patrol agents are getting pummeled by the crush of illegals, and CBP is the coach yelling “Send in the reserves!”

In a move that’s sure to get the Left all riled up, Homeland Security used an unsigned statement to lay it all out. They’re saying they need to beef up their Border Patrol squad, and that means repurposing some folks from the ports. CBP pointed fingers at “smugglers peddling disinformation” and claiming they continue to see a spike in migrant encounters at the Southwest Border. They give a vauge statement about applying consequences for unlawful entry. Maybe they meant something like, “Stop or we shall say stop again!”

Oh, but hold onto your hats folks, because Homeland Security didn’t reveal the current stats on illegal crossings. The shutdowns at the border crossings mean more frustration for those trying to enter the country legally. You know what they say, “One step forward, two steps back.”

But get this, as if there wasn’t enough drama at the border, President Biden just asked Congress for a whopping $14 billion to clean up the mess. He wants to hire more Border Patrol agents and speed up deportations, but let’s be real folks, most of that cash seems to be aimed at processing all the illegal immigrants rather than keeping them out in the first place. Republicans, meanwhile, are digging in their heels, vowing not to fork over the cash unless the administration changes its welcoming policies for asylum seekers.

In conclusion, it looks like Homeland Security is playing a game of political whack-a-mole at the border, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Let the games begin!

Written by Staff Reports

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