Breaking: Johnson Grills Wray on FBI’s Biden Cover-Up!

In an intense Senate hearing, the brilliant and fearless Ron Johnson from Wisconsin showed FBI Director Christopher Wray who’s boss when it comes to exposing the bureau’s cover-up of the corrupt Biden family. Senator Chuck Grassley, always on the side of truth and justice, released a report last week revealing that over 40 confidential human sources had provided information about Joe Biden and his shady family to the FBI.

During the hearing, Johnson got right to the point and demanded answers. He wanted to know if the FBI actually investigated this damning information or if they simply swept it under the rug to protect the Bidens. Johnson pointed out that the FBI’s own assessment was used to discredit negative information about Hunter Biden and shut down any investigation. This is outrageous!

Johnson didn’t stop there. He pointed out that the FBI’s Pittsburgh office couldn’t move forward with any actions related to the allegations without the approval of FBI headquarters. Clearly, there was a reluctance within the FBI to do anything about the corruption allegations involving Hunter Biden and Burisma. It’s as if they were protecting the Bidens at all costs!

But, as expected, Wray tried to deflect and deny the allegations. He disagreed with Johnson’s characterization of the situation, as if he knows better than the very senator who is holding him accountable. Wray needs a reality check because the American people see through his games.


Grassley, the hero of this whole investigation, had evidence to back up his claims. He revealed that an FBI team had tried to dismiss the information about the Bidens as foreign disinformation. However, these sources had already been vetted by multiple U.S. attorney’s offices, so they were clearly credible. The FBI was just trying to bury the truth.

The fact that these informants had provided the FBI with criminal information related to the Bidens is a bombshell. And yet, the FBI did nothing. It managed these sources through various field offices, including Seattle, but no action was taken. It’s clear that the FBI was more interested in protecting the Bidens than upholding the law.

Johnson voiced the concerns that many of us have about the FBI’s lack of transparency and trustworthiness. We should be able to trust our law enforcement agencies, but the FBI has betrayed that trust. Wray has had plenty of time to restore credibility and integrity to the FBI, but he has failed.

Wray tried to save face by insisting that he, as a lifelong Republican, was not biased. But actions speak louder than words, Mr. Wray. Your actions have shown that you are more interested in protecting the Bidens and maintaining the status quo than in upholding justice.

Let’s not forget about the alleged scheme involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the head of Burisma Holdings. It seems that the Bidens were willing to do anything for a hefty payout. They pressured the head of Burisma for money in exchange for their assistance in avoiding a corruption investigation. This is corruption at the highest level, and the FBI turned a blind eye.

Grassley has previously released evidence of a criminal scheme connecting President Biden to Ukrainian business leaders. There was even a meeting in Vienna where Hunter Biden gave suggestions for Burisma’s business expansion. It’s clear that the Bidens were using their political connections for personal gain, and the FBI needs to take this seriously.

It’s time for the FBI to come clean and be held accountable for their actions. The American people deserve justice, and we need leaders like Johnson and Grassley to fight for us. We cannot let the corrupt Biden family get away with their crimes. It’s time to restore integrity to our institutions and ensure that the rule of law prevails.

Written by Staff Reports

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