Sen. Kennedy Slams Biden: If He Were My Dad, I’d Seize His Car Keys!

On a recent show on Fox Business, Republican Senator John Kennedy didn't hold back when he spoke badly about President Joe Biden. Kennedy, who was known for his wit and southern charm, said he didn't think Biden was qualified to lead and handle foreign affairs. He was especially critical of how Biden dealt with Iran and the southern border of the United States.

Kennedy brought up the fact that President Trump had put tough sanctions on Iran to stop it from selling oil abroad. He said, though, that Biden has not implemented these sanctions, which has let Iran export even more oil and double its foreign reserves. Kennedy also said that Biden was trying to give Iran a lot of money, some of which Hamas may have used to attack Israel.

Sean Duffy, a co-host, said that the Biden administration might be lying about its ability to enforce the southern border and put sanctions on Iran. Kennedy replied that deeds speak louder than words. He talked about how worried he was about Biden's work in foreign policy, national security, and home policy. He said that if it were his father, he would take away his car keys. Kennedy also said that these worries are shared by many Americans and that Biden's support is falling.

Senator Kennedy has been a harsh critic of Biden, focusing on his mental health and claims that his family is involved in crime. Kennedy had said before that the Hunter Biden scandal was about "privilege and sleaze," and he asked why Ukrainian and Chinese companies picked Hunter. He called Hunter nothing more than a "lucky sperm" and said that his father's guidance was a big part of how he did business.

Sen. Kennedy doesn't hold back when she wants to say bad things about President Biden and his staff. It's fun to watch him criticize because of his wit and charm, and he always ends with a joke that conservatives can relate to.

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