Breaking: Jordan, Scalise, Hern Eyeing House Leadership Roles!

According to Politico, three House Republican leaders are considering running for the position of Speaker of the House to replace Kevin McCarthy. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise from Louisiana is reportedly reaching out to members to gauge their support. It is no secret that Scalise has desired the Speaker role, and his relationship with McCarthy has been strained. When asked about his plans, Scalise was coy but expressed enjoyment in working with the leadership team. Some members have expressed concerns about Scalise’s ability to handle the demands of the job due to his health challenges. However, Rep. Matt Gaetz believes that Scalise should be given the deference to decide if he can physically handle the position.

Another potential contender for the Speakership is Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio, who currently chairs the House Judiciary Committee and the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Although Jordan previously challenged McCarthy for the speakership, he has been a loyal supporter since. He has gained the support of at least one Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Thomas Massie.

Rep. Kevin Hern from Oklahoma, who heads the Republican Study Committee, is also considering a run for Speaker. Hern gained some momentum during a previous speaker race and earned a few votes before McCarthy ultimately won.

Democrats are likely to dislike all three potential candidates, especially Jordan and Scalise, as they are not easily swayed by backroom deals. It is hoped that House Republicans can quickly come together and choose a candidate, so they can get back to serving the American people.

It’s exciting to see these strong conservative leaders step up and consider running for Speaker of the House. Any one of them would bring a much-needed change to the role, and their commitment to conservative values is commendable. It’s clear that Democrats are already worried about the potential of strong conservative leadership, as they know they won’t be able to manipulate or snow these individuals. Let’s hope that House Republicans can unite behind one candidate and continue to fight for “We the People.”

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