Buttigieg Snoozes as Planes Narrowly Escape Mid-air Collisions!

The recent surge of reports on “close calls” between passenger planes in the United States is not just a coincidence. It turns out, there were actually 46 nearly catastrophic incidents last month alone. The New York Times reviewed undisclosed incident reports and found that incidents often occur at or near airports and are the result of human error, with mistakes by air traffic controllers being one major factor.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has not taken action to fix the nationwide staffing shortage, which has led to flight delays and reduced safety. It’s no surprise that even the federal government is failing to address these close calls or develop mitigation plans. It seems like they are more focused on other priorities than the safety of American travelers.

According to the Times, those working within the air transportation system are extremely concerned about the dangerous status quo. Close calls are happening so frequently that many fear it’s only a matter of time until a deadly crash occurs. Despite the fact that there haven’t been any major plane crashes in the US in over a decade, close calls and potentially dangerous incidents are happening more frequently than we realize.

It’s time for the Biden administration to take this growing danger seriously and start addressing the issues. Perhaps they should reconsider their decision to fire air traffic controllers who chose not to get vaccinated. It’s clear that they need to prioritize the safety of American travelers and take immediate action to remedy the staffing shortages and other problems in the air travel system.

Written by Staff Reports

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