California Judge Places Beach Boys Star Brian Wilson Under Conservatorship

A member of The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, has been placed under a conservatorship by a California judge. This means that he is not able to take care of himself independently. The judge decided this after it was found that Wilson is battling a condition that affects his thinking.

Wilson’s long-time manager and publicist filed a petition to oversee his interests after his wife passed away earlier this year. The judge named them guardians of Wilson during a hearing. The judge explained that this decision was to make sure Wilson is protected while still giving him as much freedom as possible.

Two of Wilson’s daughters, who live with him, support the court’s decision to place their father under the care of his manager and publicist. They will make decisions for him after talking to his children.

Wilson, who has been open about his mental health struggles, did not object to the judge’s decision. He is reportedly taking medication for his condition. Although he no longer performs in public, he uses his Instagram page to connect with fans. In January, Wilson posted about how devastated he was by his wife’s passing.

An attorney was appointed to give the court an unbiased assessment of Wilson. The attorney found that Wilson had some difficulty in understanding and remembering things, but he generally knew who he was and where he was. It’s important for everyone to offer support and understanding to those who are facing challenges with their health.

Written by Staff Reports

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