Kennedy Gains GOP Support Despite Liberal Stance on Abortion and Taxes

In 2020 and 2021, as COVID-19 vaccine mandates were being put into place around the country, many Republicans were drawn to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s strong opposition to these regulations. Kennedy, who leads the nonprofit Children’s Health Defense, spoke out vehemently against vaccine mandates, as well as other pandemic restrictions like mask mandates and lockdowns. This resonated with conservatives, and it was noted that he was drawing more support from past Republican donors than Democrats, who saw him as more conservative-leaning due to his firm stance against vaccine mandates.

Despite this, Kennedy’s political views are actually quite different from conservative values. He recently announced his independent presidential candidacy, and during an interview, he made a radical statement regarding abortion. When asked about his stance on allowing states to decide on abortion laws after the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Kennedy stated that he believes the decision should be left to the woman, even in the case of a full-term pregnancy.

This statement surprised even his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, who previously stated that Kennedy believes in limitations on abortion. While this position on abortion may be shocking, it is just one example of how different Kennedy’s views are from conservative principles.

A look at Kennedy’s campaign website also reveals his left-leaning opinions, such as reallocating federal tax dollars for “Black infrastructure” and reorienting police in Black communities. He also supports making student debt dischargeable in bankruptcy and cutting interest rates on student loans to zero. Despite these views, Kennedy has been drawing support from the GOP, indicating that he is benefitting from a lack of media coverage and public awareness of his more radical stances.

Although some may agree with his opposition to vaccine mandates, his other views are a departure from conservative values. His recent comments on abortion should serve as a wake-up call to conservatives who have supported him. It is important to carefully consider the positions of political candidates, especially when they may not align with one’s own beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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