Pro-Israel Group Slams Biden for Limiting Aid, Plans $30M Campaign

The head of a new pro-Israel group strongly criticized President Joe Biden’s recent remarks about setting limits on U.S. aid to Israel. Aaron Evans, the leader of American Fortitude, which just launched, condemned Biden for making political statements that go against the support Israel receives from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Evans argued that Biden’s remarks are a betrayal to our closest ally Israel and are politically motivated.

American Fortitude plans to raise and spend $30 million to hold politicians accountable for their positions on supporting Israel. The group aims to influence 15-20 election races to defeat candidates who do not back U.S. aid to Israel. Evans asserted that Biden’s recent comments prompted them to prepare an ad against the president and focus on the presidential race, which they were previously undecided about.

The group has begun working on an ad criticizing Biden’s foreign policy decisions and has called his actions cowardly. They strongly oppose Biden’s refusal to provide weapons to Israel if it participates in military action in certain areas. This decision has led to protests against Biden from pro-Palestinian Democrats, but it has also sparked opposition from Republicans and some pro-Israel Democrats.

House Speaker Mike Johnson expressed hope that Biden’s remarks were simply a mistake, while Senator John Fetterman expressed deep disappointment in Biden’s stance. Evans placed the blame on Biden’s administration for prioritizing political gains over Israeli lives and accused them of turning a blind eye to the truth. He emphasized that the administration’s actions are unacceptable and amount to aiding terror groups for political gain.

Written by Staff Reports

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