Californians Fleeing Leftist Nightmare: Will Your State Be Next?

A recent poll conducted by Strategies 360 has revealed that Californians are seeking to flee the Golden State for greener pastures. In fact, four in ten residents are actively considering leaving the California paradise for good. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the downward spiral that the leftist politicians have created in the Golden State. With issues such as homelessness, crime, anti-business regulations, insane woke laws, and sky-high taxes, it’s no longer idyllic.

The Los Angeles Times, of course, tried to paint a misleading picture, calling California a beacon that attracts people from all over the world who “put down roots and call it home.” Yet, if 70 percent of residents say they’re happy living in California, then why are four in ten residents thinking about getting out of town?

It’s simple math, which essentially means that approximately 15,600,000 people in California are considering moving elsewhere. RedState writer Jennifer Oliver O’Connell has already made the decision to leave the state behind. She described the reasons why in a poignant piece, citing economic and quality of life freedom, among others, as reasons to move on.

According to the poll, minorities appreciate the state’s diversity, with over two-thirds of black residents saying they “feel comfortable.” However, being able to afford living in California is more crucial to them. Annually, more than 40% of residents are contemplating leaving the state, with nearly half of them having a serious contemplation. Over 61% of residents cited high living costs as the cause behind their potential departure. Republicans and conservatives, in particular, do not feel included in the state’s diversity efforts. Leaving the political scene appears to be their top priority.

All in all, the poll paints an unflattering picture of California, which is often seen rampantly imposing leftist policies in the name of progressiveness. Even if one were to ignore the Left Coast, many of these ideas are often eagerly picked up by neighboring states that can easily spread rapidly throughout the country. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Joe Biden and his administration are watching closely and waiting to copy perverse madness that the California legislature comes up with on a larger and national scale.

In conclusion, to all those who view Californians as Communists and say they deserve everything that’s happening to them, be forewarned because those leftist policies are coming for your state as well.

Written by Staff Reports

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