Trial Delay: Dems Scared of Trump 2024? 84 Witnesses Won’t Stop Him!

The biased mainstream media has done it again! Special Counsel Jack Smith has shockingly moved to delay the trial of former President Donald Trump until December 11, 2023, and has revealed the existence of 84 government witnesses who will testify against Trump. Liberals are trying to spin this as a “development” – we call it what it really is – a witch hunt.

Smith’s motion claims that classified information is involved in the case, which is why the defense is being forced to obtain security clearances, adding delay upon delay to an already-enforced delay of justice. But we all know the real reason for this delay: it’s a political ploy by the Democrats. They know former President Trump has an unblemished record when it comes to helping Americans and they are scared that he could run again in 2024, which no doubt is why Smith wants the trial to slip past December 1, the deadline for filing presidential candidacy papers in many states. Democrats know that the only way to beat Trump is to try him in front of the American people and ruin his reputation beyond repair.

The truth is, Smith and the Democrats are trying to make it as difficult as they can for Trump to clear his name. The former president should be able to speak to anyone he wants about the case, including witnesses and co-defendant Walt Nauta. It is clear that this order was made specifically to tear down the due process that every American citizen is afforded.

Furthermore, the prosecution’s claim that they need more time to prepare their case is absurd. How much more time do they need? They’ve had almost three years to come up with evidence against Trump. During this time, Trump has continued to help make America great, on his path to winning back-to-back elections.

Thankfully, Trump’s defense team is not opposing the motion for the trial’s delay, but they reserve the right to object to the government’s attempt at obstructing justice. We at will keep you updated with the latest news as the situation develops. In the meantime, we urge you all to stick with the facts, and not the fake news spun by the Democrats and their media clients.

Written by Staff Reports

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