Cancel Mob Comes After New Netflix Hit For ‘Racist’ Casting

Following the premiere of Netflix's new series, viewers have criticized the company's decision to cast black actors as villains.

Tim Burton's new series, which is about a Latina girl named Jenna Ortega, features African-American actors Joy Sunday and Iman Marson as her bullies.

Charles Pulliam, a television writer, criticized Tim Burton for his portrayal of black people. He posted a photo of Marson, who was dressed as a pilgrim.

John Paul, the producer of "Wednesday," said on Twitter that he was very disappointed by how the show's antagonist was often a young African-American woman.

Ryan Mitchell, a television host, criticized Burton for not having a lot of diversity in his work. He posted a GIF with the caption, "That's suspicious." Burton has been criticized for his lack of diversity in his past work.

Bolu Babalola, an author, said that he was "giggling at the wrong bits" of Wednesday. One of the most notable examples was Morticia, who looked like a dead African-American man.

Despite the criticisms, "Wednesday" has managed to become a record-holder for most hours of viewing on Netflix, with over 341.2 million hours.

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