Fox News FIRES Lara Trump From Network

Eric Trump's wife, Lara, was removed from Fox News' political commenting section over the weekend due to her husband's presidential campaign.

According to the Washington Post, Fox News cited the network's ban on political activity as the reason for its decision to remove Lara from its roster. However, she isn't the candidate, but a part of the Trump family. In 2015, Mike Huckabee had to give up his Fox News program after he decided to run for president.

When Sarah Sanders announced that she was running for governor of Arkansas, she lost her paid contributor position. However, Mike Huckabee still appeared on Fox News during her time in office. He also hosts a show on TBN. Ben Carson left his position as a paid contributor on Fox after he entered the Republican primary in 2016.

It was no surprise that Lara Trump was hired by Fox News. She had been a regular guest on the network for months prior to her promotion. The channel also hired former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. Given her role as a loyal supporter of her husband's family, it's understandable that she would have time off.

Some of Fox News' show hosts have had a hard time navigating through the network's political policy. For instance, Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity appeared at Trump's rallies before the 2018 elections.

During the first 712 months of former Vice President Joe Biden's administration, Lara Trump appeared on Fox News' "Hannity" 25 times. Her commentary supporting her husband's family was also integrated into the network's opinion programs.

Following the Republican Party's disappointing performance in the November 8 elections, many of Fox News' commentators expressed their disdain for the former president. They also preferred a different candidate in 2024.

Despite the widespread skepticism about Donald Trump's potential presidential run, Lara Trump was still supportive of his candidacy. On November 9, she said that if there was ever a time when people were ready for him to return to the White House, it could be now.

Media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch, such as Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, have expressed their disdain for Trump's intention to run for president in 2024.

They prefer a different candidate, such as Florida's Republican governor Ron DeSantis. Although DeSantis hasn't officially announced that he's running for president, he won re-election in November. The decision to remove Lara from the network's political commenting section was reportedly influenced by the change in the company's attitude.

During the time that she was hired by Fox News, Lara Trump was considering running for the Senate in her home state of North Carolina. Although she hasn't officially announced her intention to run for office, she has been working on Trump's 2020 campaign. In 2020, she was also focused on getting out the Republican women's vote.

Lara’s last paid appearance was Nov. 15, the same week Trump announced his candidacy.

After a mistake was made regarding Mike Huckabee's role as a contributor, Fox News confirmed that he was not a contributor.

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