Cancer Patient Slammed for Critiquing Trans Agenda, Loses Treatment Access in Portland!

In a shocking turn of events, a woman in Portland has been denied cancer treatment after expressing her concerns about the promotion of transgenderism at the hospital. The woman, known as Marlene, reached out to a popular social media account called Libs of TikTok to describe her experience.

Marlene’s frustration is understandable. As someone battling cancer, she should be given some leeway in expressing her concerns. She was uncomfortable with the transgender flag prominently displayed at the hospital and felt insulted considering her past experiences with transgender activists. It’s not unreasonable for her to question why the focus on transgenderism is being prioritized over her own health needs.

It’s disheartening to see that even in a progressive city like Portland, those promoting transgender ideology take precedence over the concerns of actual women. No one asked women if they wanted to be erased or be submissive to an ideology that dismisses their existence. It’s puzzling why a hospital would even need to display a transgender flag in the reception area. Shouldn’t the focus be on treating cancer?

Marlene claims she was told to seek “re-education” for her views, a disturbing echo of past instances where individuals who hold different opinions are treated as mentally ill. Instead of addressing the underlying issues of those experiencing gender dysphoria, society is quick to label those who hold opposing views as the ones in need of treatment.

To make matters worse, the hospital not only dismissed Marlene’s complaints but also completely banned her from all related facilities. The discharge letter accuses her of making “hurtful” and “disrespectful” remarks about the hospital’s LGBTQ community and staff. It’s a concerning infringement on Marlene’s freedom of speech and raises questions about the hospital’s commitment to providing unbiased and inclusive care.

Sadly, this is becoming a recurring issue in our society. While most Americans have a firm grasp on reality regarding transgender ideology, many institutions adamantly defend it at the expense of others. The medical establishment, in particular, is guilty of denying science and prioritizing mental illness over the well-being of others, especially women.

The only way to address this issue is to reject transgender ideology completely. If we allow any room for compromise, we have already lost the battle. It’s crucial to defend free speech and prioritize the health and well-being of all individuals, regardless of their beliefs or gender identities.

Written by Staff Reports

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