Cardi B Rejects Biden 2024, Blasts NYC Budget Cuts!

Cardi B, a rapper, generated significant controversy in a recent live video on social media by offering scathing critiques of New York City and the United States government's funding of conflicts. Cardi B voiced her discontent regarding the substantial $120-billion budget reduction imposed by New York City. Mayor Eric Adams justified the cut on the grounds that it was essential to address the city's $1.45 billion expenditure on the migrant crisis. The rapper warned of an infestation of rats and noted that the city's sanitation would be negatively impacted by this budget cut.

Cardi B, who refused to review the resumes of any politician in 2024, made it obvious that she would not support any presidential candidate, in addition to her criticism of New York City. She had notably previously supported Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, which was pitted against Donald Trump. Cardi B voiced her discontent with Biden's position regarding the financing of wars, contending that it paradoxically elevates America's grandeur despite his assertion that the country lacks the necessary resources. She posited that the country is presently confronted with a multitude of obstacles and cast doubt on its claim to be the "greatest."

Cardi B's candid critique of President Biden and the New York City budget cuts aligns with the Biden administration's ongoing effort to gain the support of youthful voters in preparation for the 2024 presidential election. According to recent survey results, a majority of 59% of voters below the age of 30 consider the current economic situation to be "poor." Furthermore, a significant finding indicates that if the 2024 Republican presidential election were to be conducted today, Trump, the presumed nominee, would likely face Biden in a close race. Biden received comparatively less support from voters aged 18-34 than Trump.

Each political party faces the similar challenge of attracting the younger vote; in fact, both the Democrats and the Republicans are actively investigating alternative approaches to engage this demographic. As an illustration, Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate, has employed the widely used social media platform TikTok. The reelection campaign of President Biden, according to a recent report, is contemplating the use of TikTok as a means to engage with youthful voters. Conversely, these assertions were refuted by a senior communications adviser for the Biden campaign, who explained that campaigns deliberate over a multitude of strategies, a portion of which are implemented and others of which are not.

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