Trump Trounces Biden in Polls: MAGA Momentum Unstoppable!

The mainstream media is trying to spin the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll as bad news for President Donald Trump, but true patriots know better. The poll of 2,851 registered voters clearly shows that Trump is in a dominant position over President Joe Biden in a potential rematch. This is yuge news for the MAGA movement and a major setback for Sleepy Joe and the radical left!

The survey revealed that a whopping 59% of respondents believe that Biden should not run for a second term. This sentiment is not just coming from Republicans – even Democrats and independents are expressing doubts about Biden’s potential candidacy in 2024. It seems like the American people are waking up to the disaster that is the Biden presidency and are ready for a change!

In stark contrast, the poll showed that 50% of voters are all aboard the Trump train for a potential 2024 run. This is incredible, considering the fake news media’s relentless attacks on Trump during his presidency. Clearly, Trump’s message of America First and putting the forgotten men and women of our country before the globalist agenda is resonating with the American people.

The poll also revealed an enthusiasm gap between the potential candidates. While only a quarter of Democrats showed any excitement for a Biden rerun, a whopping 77% of Republican voters are gung-ho for Trump to make a comeback. This fervent support from the base is a game-changer and could spell doom for the Democrats in 2024.

And it’s no surprise that the top concerns for voters are inflation and immigration – two issues that the Biden administration has failed miserably to address. With inflation skyrocketing and our borders being overrun, it’s clear that the American people are feeling the effects of Biden’s disastrous policies.

But that’s not all – other polls show a significant decline in Biden’s approval rating, especially among younger voters. Biden’s approval has tanked to 40%, with young voters particularly unhappy about his handling of foreign policy issues. It looks like the so-called “youth vote” is not buying into Biden’s empty promises and globalist agenda.

In conclusion, the latest poll is a wake-up call for the Democrats and a huge morale boost for the Trump movement. The American people are fed up with Biden’s failures and are hungry for strong, America-loving leadership. The 2024 election is shaping up to be a battle for the soul of our nation, and true patriots know that Trump is our best hope for making America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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