Carter Celebrated! WH Ornament Stirs Conservative Ire

In a bold move that’s sure to ruffle some feathers in the conservative camp, the White House Historical Association has decided to honor former President Jimmy Carter with their 2024 Christmas ornament. This decision has raised eyebrows, as previous ornaments typically celebrated long-dead presidents and their Christmas traditions. However, the association has chosen to go against the grain and pay tribute to the 99-year-old Carter, who has been in hospice care at his home in Georgia.

The ornament itself is a colorful depiction of a Navy anchor, symbolizing Carter’s service as a Navy submariner and his time spent on the Seawolf-class USS Jimmy Carter. Additionally, the ornament features poinsettias to represent the festive holiday decor during Carter’s presidency, as well as doves to symbolize his supposed “peacemaking efforts” while in the White House. It’s a curious choice to focus on Carter’s presidency, given his single term and the tumultuous events of that time.\

Furthermore, the ornament includes a globe to highlight Carter’s post-presidential commitment to world peace through the Jimmy Carter Center. The association also added peanuts to the design as a nod to Carter’s years as a farmer and businessman in Plains, Georgia. While these elements may have personal significance to Carter, some conservatives are questioning the decision to spotlight a president known for his infamous “malaise” speech and handling of foreign policy crises.

Even with the ornament’s hefty price tag of $24.95, the association’s president, Stewart McLaurin, defended the choice, stating that the ornaments serve to educate Americans about the country’s history. However, many on the right are left scratching their heads, wondering if this tribute to Carter is more about promoting a liberal agenda than preserving historical significance. Only time will tell if the White House Historical Association’s deviation from tradition will sit well with conservative collectors.

Written by Staff Reports

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