MSNBC’s Magic Crime Fix: Redefine It! Crump’s Absurd Idea Debunked by Dr. Swain

In a recent segment on MSNBC’s “Black Men in America: Road to 2024” during Black History Month, some familiar faces in the realm of race-baiting and victimhood took center stage. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, alongside the likes of Al Sharpton and Charles Coleman Jr., had a grand idea to end crime in America. What’s their genius solution, you ask? Change the definition of crime! Yes, you heard it right. According to Mr. Crump, if we just redefine what constitutes a crime, poof, all crime magically disappears. Well, golly gee, why didn’t the rest of us think of that before?

But hold your horses, Mr. Crump. Let’s not throw common sense out the window just yet. Last time everyone checked, murder, robbery, and all those other bad things were still crimes, no matter who committed them. It’s like trying to solve a leaky faucet by redefining water – it just doesn’t make sense. The idea of changing the definition of serious crimes like murder and rape to make them go away is as ridiculous as thinking unicorns are roaming around in Central Park.

Fortunately, not everyone is buying into this absurd proposal. Legal scholar Dr. Carol Swain swiftly shut down Crump’s nonsensical babbling by stating the obvious – crimes need to be crimes. We can’t just wave a magic wand and rename them out of existence. Dr. Swain rightfully points out that redefining crimes won’t make our communities safer. It’s like trying to eliminate homework by saying it’s no longer called homework – doesn’t quite work that way.

Dr. Swain’s words of wisdom, however, seem to fall on deaf ears when it comes to the radical left. They’d rather cling to the likes of Crump and his cronies who peddle the narrative of victimhood and oppression. For them, being a black conservative is akin to breaking some unwritten rule. It’s like being a unicorn in a world of horses – simply not accepted.

In the end, Crump and his gang of race-hustlers may keep pushing their misguided agenda, but folks like Dr. Swain are here to set the record straight. Crime is crime, no matter how you slice it. Let’s not fall for the smoke and mirrors of redefining reality to fit a false narrative. Stay grounded in the truth, folks. And remember, don’t believe everything you hear – especially if it sounds as far-fetched as redefining crime to make it disappear.

Written by Staff Reports

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