Celeb No-Show Disaster: RFK Jr’s Gala Flops Before 70th Bash!

In a shocking turn of events, the independent presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. has withdrawn from his own 70th birthday gala after being snubbed by several notable celebrities. The gala, an event promoted by two political action committees backing Kennedy’s campaign, was set to feature big names like Martin Sheen, Dionne Warwick, Andrea Bocelli, and Mike Tyson. But alas, all four have given the cold shoulder to the gala.

Kennedy’s press secretary, Stefanie Spear, made it clear to CBS that the birthday bash, scheduled for Jan. 22 in Indian Wells, California, will not have the presence of the man of the hour himself. It’s a real shame, especially considering that Kennedy’s actual birthday is on Jan. 17. Talk about a missed opportunity for some major cake and candles action.

The organization behind this soiree, American Values 2024, had previously hyped up the gala by spreading the word about the A-list guests. However, Dionne Warwick wasted no time in shutting down the rumors, labeling the PAC’s announcement as “absolutely ridiculous.” Martin Sheen also flexed his independence, expressing his unwavering support for President Biden and the entire Democratic ticket while making it crystal clear that he won’t be rubbing shoulders with RFK Jr. at the event.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, even Mike Tyson and Andrea Bocelli have reportedly given the gala a hard pass. Though, it’s worth noting that Tyson’s camp confessed to Page Six that the former heavyweight champ received an invite. It seems like everyone would rather be anywhere else than celebrating Kennedy’s milestone birthday.

But let’s take a step back and remember who we’re talking about here. Robert Kennedy Jr. has made quite the name for himself as a controversial liberal, stirring up some wild conspiracy theories about his uncle’s assassination and strutting around with his anti-vaccine beliefs. With all this drama unfolding, it’s crystal clear that Kennedy is facing an uphill battle in his quest for the Oval Office. The big dogs, President Biden and former President Trump, are leading the pack for their respective parties in the 2024 showdown.


Written by Staff Reports

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