Charles Payne Exposes Biden’s Loathing for MAGA Voters

It was a glorious moment on Fox News Channel when Charles Payne, along with a panel of conservative voices, called out President Joe Biden for his blatant contempt towards Trump supporters. Finally, someone had the guts to reveal the truth: Biden and his media cheerleaders despise half of the American population simply because they have different political views. And Charles Payne did not mince words.

Payne began by reminding everyone of Trump’s no-nonsense approach, where if someone attacked him, he hit back twice as hard. That bold personality trait helped him win the presidency in 2016, after all. But then Payne turned the spotlight on Biden and his clear disdain for MAGA voters. And what a rant it was!

The panel discussed how Biden frequently uses the term MAGA as a pejorative, encompassing all Republicans. Payne didn’t hold back when he said, “I think it’s worse with Biden’s calling MAGA, listen I think Biden’s anger and vitriol and hatred for MAGA is far worse than President Trump’s individual battles with someone who crosses him. That is something that is really detrimental to this country. That the President of the United States despises half of the United States…he has expressed hatred for half of the country.”

But instead of confronting Payne head-on, Jessica Tarlov, the token liberal, attempted to defend Biden by blaming the authors of articles that point out his hatred for MAGA. Payne shut her down immediately, making it clear that it doesn’t matter who wrote the articles; what matters is that Biden has shown his vitriol towards Trump supporters time and time again, and so have the media outlets that support him.

Payne went on to highlight how Trump supporters want the same things as other Americans and mentioned Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat running against Biden, who attended a Trump rally to understand who Trump supporters really are. This simple act of curiosity is something that other Democrats and the media have never bothered to do. Payne spoke to people standing in line at the rally and found them to be genuinely kind and diverse. He concluded by saying, “My party is completely delusional right now.” Ouch!

When Tarlov tried to argue that Biden only refers to the 74 million people who voted for Trump as MAGA, Payne and the rest of the panel were clearly unimpressed. They saw through Tarlov’s defense of a president who openly exhibits hatred and contempt for half of the country’s citizens.

Martha MacCallum hit the nail on the head when she described how Biden uses the term MAGA like a swear word instead of a slogan. Tarlov’s attempt to play the victim and bring up insults towards Democrats fell flat, especially when Kellyanne Conway pointed out that Biden’s version of “deplorables” and “irredeemables” was just as degrading.

Is anyone really surprised by Biden’s disdain for MAGA voters? It’s just another example of the left’s intolerant mindset. But kudos to Charles Payne for fearlessly calling out the hypocrisy and shedding light on Biden’s true feelings. This won’t be the last time Tarlov is left speechless, that’s for sure. Brace yourself, Jessica, because November is still a long way off, and more truth bombs are on the horizon.

Written by Staff Reports

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