Chicago Dems Blow $51M on Illegals, Ignore Skyrocketing Crime!

The Democrats’ obsession with illegal immigrants just reached a new level of insanity, this time in the Windy City. Despite the skyrocketing crime rates and violence that have plagued Chicago, the City Council approved a jaw-dropping $51 million to spend on illegal immigrants. Yes, you read that right, illegals are getting a bailout while law-abiding citizens of Chicago are left to pick up the pieces from the Biden administration’s catastrophic border policy.

Joe Biden has utterly failed to address the immigration crisis he inherited, and Chicago is paying the price. The Democrats clearly don’t care about the impact of illegal immigration on the struggling American blue-collar communities. Instead, they are more interested in pleasing their left-wing donors and supporters, who see illegal immigrants as new Democrat voters.

It is appalling to see the City Council prioritize illegals over American citizens. They were quick to dismiss the needs of their constituency and vote for an expenditure that will only provide food, staffing, and resources for people who are here illegally. Alderman David Moore of the 17th Ward did try to fight for Chicago residents, but his efforts were futile against the liberal majority.

The situation in Chicago has reached a breaking point, and the Democrats are only making things worse. It’s time for them to acknowledge that the border crisis is out of control, and they need to take action to stop these illegal invasions. Instead, they are throwing taxpayer money at illegal immigrants, expecting Chicago residents to pick up the tab.

The Democrats are in complete denial about the impact of illegal immigration on American society. With this decision, Chicago has shown that they don’t care about their citizens’ safety and well-being. It is time to elect leaders who respect the rule of law and will prioritize American citizens over illegal immigrants.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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